Monday, September 27, 2010


People in the Frum community should start doing some soul searching before labeling everyone as Anti Semitic. For example, If I were a non Jewish New Yorker living near Monsey, I would hate everything that goes around there. Suddenly within a few years, a large influx of Orthodox Jews, many of whom don't speak English, 'settle' in my area. They have their own practices, shteibles, and language. It's natural to feel resentment. The locals are not anti-Semites. Their reaction would have been the same if instead of Orthodox Jews moving in, it was a group of Hispanics or any other national, religious group for that matter.

Am I opposed to Frum people moving wherever they please? Of course not. What I oppose, is people neglecting and disrespecting the local populace and the law. This is especially prevalent as the community is more religious and thus more extreme. When was the last time you saw the red white and blue flying in front of a Satmar's house, or shul?? We live in America, and Jews have been an integral part of this country since its earliest days. Jews have adored America and of course revered its law. In the last 30 years, with the large increase in the religious population BA"H, things are changing. Whereas the secular and modern populations are 'behaving', it seems that the more religious you are, the less likely you are to give a damn about America, its laws and its people.

So, before you calling your next-door neighbor an Anti-semite, ask yourself: Am I a real American? Am I living up to the traditions upon which previous generations of American Jews based their lives in America?

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